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Sex Trafficking of Asian Women: A Virtual Tour

This session explores the intersection of sexism and racism that is inherent in the human trafficking of Asian women into prostitution. The Asian Women's Coalition Ending Prostitution will present a virtual multimedia tour to provide a critical analysis and viable solutions to this phenomenon.

Women’s Worlds is a global convergence to advance women's equality through research, exchange, leadership, and action" - Women's Worlds 2011 convenes women from across the world to CONNECT and CONVERSE about women's rights and equality. Academics, activists, researchers, policy-makers, and artists will exchange under the broad theme of Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world. In addition, each day's content is inspired by a distinct theme: Breaking Cycles, Breaking Ceilings, Breaking Barriers, Breaking Ground.

Presenters: Jaclyn Chang, Grace Balbutin, Suzanne Jay members of Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution, Canada

July 3-7, 2011

Ottawa - Gatineau, Canada

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