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Care Workers are making change! Add your voice to ours.

For over a century. Care Workers have been coming to Canada doing Care Work. Yet, Canada calls this work temporary. They are denied the ability to come here permanently and with their families. For the last few years, thousands of women have been coming to Canada under the Caregiver Program. They were promised that they could apply to live here permanently and with their families as long as they finished 24 months of difficult and low paid work. Yet many have seen their applications denied because of new unfair rules, others have been waiting years for a decision.

And now the Caregiver Program is expiring and there’s no replacement announced. Promises are being broken. That’s not integrity. That’s not ethical. Care Workers deserve fairness. Care Workers are not asking for special treatment. They just want to celebrate their kids’ birthdays. They want to sit by their parents’ bedside when they are ill. They want to be able to leave a bad job. They want to not be discriminated against if they are sick. These are the most basic human rights that everyone deserves.

Migrant workers are not in it just for themselves. The work they do is about caring and building a healthy society. Without them, nothing works. Care Workers are asking for a Care Strategy that includes childcare for all, elderly care for all, disability justice. And as part of it they are calling for permanent resident status and family unity for migrant workers.

Will you join them?

Take action! Here’s how:

Send an email to Honorable Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen right now (by signing the petition) and insist that Care Workers deserve permanent residency status, to be together with family and treated with full human rights, fairness and respect. Share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the report, share with your networks, and encourage them to sign or email as well. 

Go the extra step and send the same email to your Member of Parliament (MP).

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