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Guaranteed Livable Income #BasicIncome

Asian Women for Equality is part of the growing feminist-led movement to establish a Guaranteed Livable Income. Learn more and join the fight for a fair, healthy and dignified life.

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For millennia women’s work, along with the free gifts of nature, has provided most of the true wealth of our communities. Women’s work has been central to individual and collective survival. In all our diverse communities women can be seen to work on the principle that everybody is entitled to economic and physical security and autonomy and a fair share of the common wealth.

Women in every community, context and racial group are still denied our rightful political power over the economics governing these communities and our world. To paraphrase “A Women’s Creed,” for thousands of years men have had power without responsibility while women have responsibility without power. This situation must change.


Learn more about our work

Discover and learn more about our ongoing advocacy campaign by exploring the information and resources we have available. Stay up-to-date with our initiatives and activities.

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