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We offer a variety of community outreach and public engagement programs.

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Community Outreach Programs

- connecting and supporting women

We provide a variety of workshops and events to bring together, establish connections with, and provide support to women.

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One-on-one information,
advocacy and referral service

Provides women with personalized information, advocacy, and referrals to support them in accessing resources and achieving their goals.


Women's conversational language cafe

Provides a safe, women-only space for women to practice their english, make friends and exchange cultures.

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Education and learning program

Provides opportunities for women to gain knowledge, skills and support in various areas of interest.

Support group

Support and empowerment group

Offers a safe and welcoming space for women to connect, share experiences, and build community.

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Online conversations for racialized women

Online discussion group discussing different issues related to racialized women.


Social activities

Provides opportunities for women to connect with each other through various activities.

Public Education and Community Engagement 

- preventing the harms of racism, sexism & male violence against women

We offer to schools, workplaces, organizations and communities.


Interactive Workshops

Provides a space for learning, dialogue, and skill-building on preventing the harms of racism, sexism, and male violence against women.


Informative Sessions

Provides valuable insights and knowledge from our members to

Video Consultation


Provides a confidential and personalized opportunity for groups and organizations to  share information and support in preventing the harms of racism, sexism, and male violence against women.

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