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Online Conversations for Racialized Women

Are you a women of colour? Interested in feminism and the political issues that affect us?

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At Asian Women for Equality, we are dedicated to fostering a community where women can come together, share their experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions. We understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for women to connect, learn, and grow. That's why we have developed the Online Discussion Group, a platform specifically designed for women who are passionate about feminism and interested in exploring women-related issues within their communities.


"A virtual hub where like-minded women can gather, exchange ideas, and engage in thought-provoking conversations."

By participating in this discussion group, you will have the opportunity to connect with women from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, all united by a common goal: advancing women's rights and empowerment.

We strive to ensure that every member feels heard, respected, and valued. Whether you are a seasoned activist or just starting your journey in feminism, this platform is designed to provide a space for everyone to learn, grow, and contribute.

What you can expect from our Online Discussion Group:

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Engaging Discussions

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Guest Speakers and Experts

Online Studies

Community Connection

Reaching Out

Empowerment and Support

Sharing Ideas

Resource Sharing

Sign up for online discussion group!

Join our Online Discussion Group today and become part of us who are passionate about feminism and committed to creating a more equitable world.


Together, we can challenge societal norms, amplify women's voices, and drive positive change.

Contact us at for more details.

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