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Education and Learning Program

Provides opportunities for women to gain knowledge, skills and support in various areas of interest.

Guaranteed Livable Income Workshop


Asian Women for Equality is focusing on advocating for Guaranteed Livable Income among seniors. We have organized 6 workshops and over 150 people have taken part in our Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) Workshop for Seniors. Seniors are able to learn about how their lives and dignity could be improved with a guaranteed livable income.

Women's Financial Literacy Workshop


We host gusts such as Lorina Serafico, who brings over 18 years of expertise in the financial services sector to these enlightening and informative workshops. Lorina serves as a Home Financing Advisor at Scotiabank and is also a dedicated volunteer with the Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers' Rights.


Women of diverse ages and backgrounds can join us to gain information and build financial literacy. They can also learn ways to take better control of their money and its impact on their life.

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